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1.New Dynamic Yoga


2. Quantum Healing...Art of Faith and Prayer Healing


3. Niryoga...The Art of Rhythmic Breathing


4. Za-Zen...The Traditional technique of Vippassana by Buddha


5. Nirahar...The Divine Diet


6. RAS...The Abundance and money magnet Workshop


7. Jeevan Sanjeevani...Ancient Wisdom With Modern Technology


8. Stress Busting Camp


9. Lazy Yoga and Relaxation


10. EFT...Defrag Your Mind


11. Quiet Mind...Meditation for Peace Of Mind


12. SOAR ...Science for Secrets Of Virility - Return To Innocence


13. Mind Power Camp


14. Will Power...Boosting will power through mind power


15. Successful Life camp


16. Health and Healing Camp


17. Happy Living Camp


18. Prayer Healing Camp...Art Of Praying


19. De-Addiction Camp


20. Weight Loss Camp


21. Spandan...The Relationship Enhancing Camp


22. Conscious Awareness Camp


23. Sixth Sense Education Series of Camps


24. Manthan...The Senior Citizen camp


25. Mukti...Especially designed for women


26. Meditation the Best Medicine


27. CorpoZip Camp or Lakshya camp


28. Science Of Sincerity

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