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People came to this life without initiation or in absence of true knowledge. They tend to live a mechanical life, which only has scope for eating, mating and sleeping. One puts his hard efforts in relation to achieving all the above survival means. Never once in his entire lifetime does he realize that he is not aware of his real self which is far beyond his normal senses and intellectual information based on the gross appearing material world.  He believes that this world is the truth. So he works for it and seeks everything from it. But a day comes where logic loses its capacity to fulfill him by all necessary means because a man is not a physical metabolism phenomenon rather he is more than that. He also requires emotional, mental and spiritual satisfaction and security which the logical material world fails to fulfill.  


We teach the Truth, we teach the distinction between the real world and dream world.

We transform Material Consciousness into Spiritual Consciousness.


Men are machines, they are hardware apparatus, which functions according to applied software. Every human machine needs basic initializing mental software to exist in their life in particular direction according to their different ages and various phases of life.


Nira is an advanced and latest developed multiversity, which offers a wide range of mind wares i.e. micro softwares to upgrade the old so-called human machine to a hi-fi new super human machine. It believes that the whole humanity of this century is suffering from various viruses in different aspects of their mechanical life. "Ignorance" is the major one of them, which is the basic root cause of all other viruses. It believes that the mind of people gets hung and has been malfunctioning due to wrong programs and some corrupt files. Thus they are stuck in a certain infinite loop.


In absence of right education of the mental software technology people are misguided through the emotional program and they have became too much dependant on others or they are making others dependent on them. Everyone is found to be draining and deteriorating the energy day by day due to the imbalance of perception, a cause occurred due to the emotional program. Thus no machine in such conditions can achieve or expect any result or outcome of his life in this situation. It believes that whole human race is connected together through their inner sub-conscious mind network and hence influencing each other with these viruses.


NIRA is an organization, which develops hacking programs against the virus network, which breaks the mechanical loop of the human machine. NIRA technology has been researching and developing anti virus programs which once properly installed in a human machine, cuts all the old viruses e.g. conditions, identities, desires, identifications, reactions, emotions, beliefs, prejudices, masks and resistances. It has designed some purification programs e.g. "Meditation" and "Memory exercises" to reinstall and align the required same old programs free of all virus in the human machine. Similarly it has also developed certain protection training programs e.g. "Self-remembering" for machine, which are designed to be "aware" from not being in trap of the same ignorance Matrix again.


Thus by erasing the corrupt programs from the human psyche, it increases the Intelling actions of the memory device i.e. intellect and fastens the speed of the processor i.e. Brain to produce more results in daily life and enhance the feature of efficiency, quality, creativity and upgradability.


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