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Most problems that we face in the modern age are related to the mind. Stress generates dispassion and finally, all emotions are sucked into a vortex of dissatisfaction. Modern life allows very few people to practice a discipline of concentrating in an ideal fashion. On the other hand, almost everything we do requires very high levels of concentration, whether it be office work, work at home, even on the playfields. It is sad that while most of the training that we receive in school or while we are engaged in higher studies requires high levels of concentration, the art of concentrating is never taught. Our mind is the vessel that carries us towards a happy or a sad life.





    * Is constantly complaining of "feeling tired".

    * Is stressed out, working under tension, without satisfaction and feels uncomfortable.

    * Struggles very hard to achieve goal and yet fails.

    * Lacks efficiency, productivity and happiness.

    * Lacks interest, motivation, energy and enthusiasm in work.

    * Lacks sense of belonging.

    * Lacks creativity and inner potential.

    * Avoids responsibility.

    * Resists to accept change or new things.

    * Looks overburdened, frustrated and bored.

    * Seems left out as if no one listens them.

    * Feels helpless with present market competition.

    * Feels there won't be physical health in the future.

    * Feels there won't be good mental health.

    * Feels Insecure with your relationship.

    * Often feels lonely and unwanted.

    * You do not know why all this happens to you.



The answer is extra ordinarily simple. The secret is marvelous i.e. the miraculous working power found in your sub-conscious mind. One can bring into his life more power, more wealth, more health, more happiness and more joy by learning to contact and release the hidden power of one's own mind through meditation.



The Innate Psychology Of Modern Trend


Today's world is full of smart, young, hard working, talented people with knowledge to match, and rewarded with quick results. Yet, when placed in an environment of high ambition, intense self-interest and multi million payouts, this human stock crumbles. The seminars highlight the importance of basic values. Values that create success, happiness, excellence in career and growth that fulfills each ones' potential. They explain how not having the requisite value base erodes profitability. Daily stress is growing as rapidly as the pace of life is quickening. When it is unchecked and untamed, it quickly becomes overwhelming and immobilizing.


NIRA multiversity uses extensive knowledge and experience in human services to teach people to be personal and professional Stress-busters. Through providing immediately useable information and techniques to reduce stress, people immediately feel a difference in their lives, and able to de-stress much easier in the future. They will know the connections between a person's view of stress and the impact upon them.


Success is the result of following certain principles of right action - action from thought, which arises from the inner wells of motivation. To be successful, you have to tap and develop this inner core and not to deal with superficial techniques for success. This explains why the performance of two people with similar talent, training and resources varies widely - a phenomenon we often observe. The seminars offered by NIRA for corporate bodies and executives deal with the development of the human being. Managing him is perhaps the most daunting task. One that makes the difference between success and failure. You can buy the executive's time and physical presence. Even make him go through the motions of his job. But how do you ensure he is self-motivated, mature, enthusiastic…a committed manager, a person of character and integrity? A few organizations have stumbled upon such a person to head them. But how do you transmit these qualities?


The seminars enunciate some basic values. Values that create success, happiness, excellence in career and growth that fulfills each ones' potential. They explain how not having the requisite value base erodes profitability. This is why modern management has now come to accept “Spiritual Quotient” as a key indicator of the net worth of an individual and not IQ or EQ. The seminars motivate each executive to meet his own goals as well as those of the organization. They evolve a management style that is successful, creating that most valued of corporate assets - the fulfilled, dynamic human being.