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NIRA Multiversity is an India-based, international Nonprofit, Non- commercial and Non Political humanitarian organization, has been established in 1996, as a Govt. Registered Public Charitable Trust with the Charity Commissioner Mumbai, Maharashtra.


NIRA is a multiversity of teaching Conscience i.e. science of soul. NIRA offers people the Vision and not the World. It gives a special training and understanding of living every basic aspect of life i.e. Survival, Social and Spiritual (Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha). which includes - health, relationship, power, money, knowledge, love, understanding, expression, creativity, determination, will and the spiritual higher-self. It gives special "flexibility" training to a seeker so as to be capable to live in every situation, circumstances and conditions.      


Nira philosophy deals with metaphysics, reality, cosmology, ontology, epistemology and divinity. Nira is a transtheistic based technology of conscious evolution.


It shows the unconditional way to achieve energy, bliss, knowledge, love and equanimity. It is a modern Rishikul which teaches all four phases of life according to the Veda philosophy i.e. brahmacharya, grihastha, vanprastha and finally sanyastha.


NIRA is ceaselessly engaged in raising and restoring Social as well as spiritual human values, life awareness, Energy and Potentially encourages people from all backgrounds, religions, age, sex, sect, caste, creed, country, cultural traditions and groups from all over world to come together in spreading health, harmony, healing and Happiness with celebration and service throughout the organic planet earth for its betterment and bright future.


To live life fully and freely is an art, requiring skill, intuition, creativity, and knowledge. Thus by conducting various social, cultural and spiritual activities, innovative programs, we bring these values to our society by strengthening the individual, relating to Education, Health and sustainable development and conflict resolution awareness by open general camps. we believe that by transforming and balancing individual consciousness we can transform the whole collective human race consciousness to build mutual trust, create a sense of belonging and lasting peace.


These programs eliminate stress, purify mind, ground and release negative emotions which release stress and toxins at the physical, mental and emotional level, and the programs in turn bring true relaxation, peace of mind, enthusiasm and energy.


Such activities highly support Physical - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual balance and total well-being scientifically with "ancient wisdom and modern technology" for today's modern world, uplifting human consciousness and bringing harmony, peace, unity, trust, happiness, Joy, love, Self control, discipline, and devotion among the people, for the noble cause of humanity, confirming the fact that physical soundness depends upon Mental soundness, this in turn on Spiritual soundness.


Body and Mind are like the two wheels of a cart interconnected and demanding a harmonious balance between the two. We all know the ways of caring, cleaning and conditioning our bodies but how many of us really know the ways of knowing, refreshing, tiding up and enriching our mind without any external source of assistance. NIRA offers an environment to explore the world within each one of us, thus showing the unconditional way to achieve energy, bliss, wisdom, Love and equanimity.


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