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1. We are not a Guru/ tradition/ religion following organization. Rather we are a con-scientific research institute for mind, matter and soul.


2. We do not teach techniques rather we teach technology.


3. We do not teach a therapy rather we teach self-awareness through meditation.


4. We do not prescribe medicines rather we eradicate deeper impressions of "I" - made - sins", which further replaces the need of in-taking medicines.


5. We do not even use meditations as medication rather we eradicate the so called need of medication by developing self-realization.


6. We do not cure the effect rather we heal the cause.


7. We are not a commercial organization teaching personality development courses for individual self centric goals. Rather we are a truly dedicated, devoted socio-spiritual organization in service of society, nation and world.


8. We are not a group of so-called political social workers working for survival means of name, fame and money. Rather our work is concentrated on awakening the individual to wake up and roar and become independent and free from all bondages, beliefs and barriers.


9. We are not a Media-activated organization working for power, prestige and passion.  Rather we are ceaselessly working for peace, penance and perseverance.


10. We are not a corporate or industrialist based organization now diversifying into new sector of business for self promotion.


11. We are not a doctor-based team providing hospitality service for physical health.


12. We are not degree-oriented or certificate-achieving course providing educational organization for scholars for borrowed knowledge; rather we train individuals towards "brahmacharya" (does not mean celibacy or non sexual act) for channeled self knowledge called "pragya".


13. We are not an information-based institution for scholars to learn or to become experts or to specialize in a particular branch of studies. Rather this is a place where one unloads oneself from all so called knowledge based on intellect and developes "Sheel, Samadhi and Pragya." Panya or Pragya i.e. wisdom is the higher knowledge, one attains through Self Investigation, Intuition, Introgression, Introspection and Intention.



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