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The word Reiki should be understood properly otherwise most of the time we misinterpret it as some magical, mysterious, spiritual or divine power. Some people misinterpret it as traditions, rules, rituals, moralities or practicing austerities. But the essence has been concealed or has disappeared.

Reiki is a Japanese term which is a synthesis of two words i.e. "rei" and "ki", where "rei" is universal life and "ki" is energy meaning "Universal life force energy".


























Universal Life Force Of Energy or Reiki means, the absolute Law or phenomena or Dhamma or Religion. The term law or Dharma is derived from an old English word "lague" meaning an action of a rule i.e. something laid or fixed upon, a general principle deduced from a particular fact observed continuously over a long period of time. Similar to an ancient Indian word Niyam, meaning, a continuous non-interrupted action without any pause.


Every system or organization has its own rhythm or nature or discipline i.e. the way of functioning. Every system has its own law and order, no matter if it is developed or created or invented by human or by somebody else. Human beings are also a part of a large system governed by certain laws. Each system establishes in harmony when it functions according to the laws, otherwise the chances of failure or errors increase, causing the system to crash. We see different types of such organizations and systems small or big around us e.g. schools, society, transport, government, banks or on the subtler level our body, respiratory, nervous, digestive, brain, mind, energy, life, consciousness and finally the whole cosmos is a full fledged established system in itself. Thus we can see that each cosmos possesses several worlds where each world encompasses endless organisations, which further comprises of countless macro systems where macro systems are nothing but a sum of all mini micro systems all functioning in harmony. They are interdependent on each other, influencing one another, working in same law and order without disturbing anyone, trying to avoid any disorder or system error.  


Each cosmos, planet, world, organization, system and module has its own code of conduct or rules and regulations, which is applicable to all individuals equally without differentiating anyone by excusing one and prosecuting the other. So it is one's own "choice", whether one wants to get "acquainted" with the law and make his life blissful, or "repel" it and make his life miserable in any aspect or dimension. Thus due to lack of this knowledge, if one unconsciously opposes or disobeys these universal laws, in terms of punishment, he experiences misery. Similarly if one gets acquainted with or obeys these laws, in turn he is rewarded by experiences of Bliss. e.g. Law of gravitation is applicable to all equally. In the same way fire acquires the phenomena of burning, so whoever puts his hand into it is bound to get burnt. Similarly, water has its own quality, heavy things get drowned and light things float on it. No one can change this, but can only stop himself from denying it or resisting it and make his life either beautiful and blissful or ugly and miserable.


Thus in brief, study of Universal Laws of Energy of visible objective grosser material world or invisible subjective subtle world which are influencing each one of us, is known as Reiki or Dharma or Religion, which is nothing but to know one's own self, nature and destiny. It is a deep inquiry within to know  "What am I?", "Where am I?", "How am I?", "Why am I?"and finally "Who am I?".






The term religion is very significant. It does not signify any society, sect, mode, school, or tradition. People recognize "Religion" as a tradition or group of people, hence the different paths, philosophies and schools. But in the ancient Indian culture of theology, the science of knowing or studying oneself or purification of mind was known as "religion". The word religion has a very significant meaning.

The word "religion" is constructed by two words, or the same word can be split as re   ligament, where "re" means "Back to the state" and "ligament" means "A bond of union". In brief the word Religion means, "to return to the state of unity".


In modern technical English, the word "Religion" has another significant meaning, which is still nearer to the truth i.e. "Phenomena" or the "Law" in medium English. "Reiki" according to Japanese, "Logos" according to Heraclitenions or later in Stoicism, "Li" according to Confucianist, "Tao" in Daoism, "Dianetics" according to Hubbard, "Rid" in ancient Veda, "Swabhav", "Atma", "Gunadharma", "Niyati" or "Nature" in Hindu philosophy, "Shasan" in Buddhist, "Nizam" or "Usul" in Mohammedan, "commandment" in Christianity, "Torah" in Judaism, "Ahura Mazda" or "Datem" in zoroastrianism, "Sutras" or "Niyama" in Patanjali's yoga philosophy. Thus to know one self is to know or study nature, phenomena or Religion. This really means to be religious.


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Everything is energy.  Any energy follows certain laws and has its own nature, science and knowledge. The so-called appearing permanent material universe is nothing but a continuous changing or transforming process of energy. Our misconception about the universe is that it is absolute, permanent, static and is always there. We never realise that it is an ever changing, impermanent, continuous, ongoing process i.e. Universe - where everything returns back to one.


The term universal life does not mean that an individual life of man is something different and for an animal life is something else or for a tree life is something else. It is rather common for all. Life is nothing but a continuous flow of energy, a phenomenon, which works simultaneously throughout the cosmos. Thus every living entity interacts, and is influenced by these universal laws of energy.