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  • Reiki does not involve any kind of attaining spiritual energy like calling spirits, ghost or demons rather it is a path of Self-awareness of knowing Universal laws leading gradually towards self-liberation.


  • It does not focus on curing any disease rather on realizing that healing of diseases is just happening.


  • It is not concerned with any kind of hypnosis / black magic, etc. rather it is a system of natural healing which makes you more pure, relaxed, peaceful, stress free and tension free


  • It is not focused on solving your casual problems or relationship issues, rather it is a system with which you can be independent and learn the art of living.


  • It will not eliminate the negative aspect of your life and make it positive rather it puts mind in the state which is beyond negative and positive i.e. Neutral or Equanimous.


  • It is not a tradition, rather it is the path where one starts becoming authentic and responding to any situation and problem spontaneously and intuitively.


  • It is not any kind of ritual practice of religion, rather it is a religion of living life more satisfactorily, deeply and peacefully.


  • It is neither a belief nor faith or following of rules and regulations rather it is a path where one will experience real mastery over his own Mind.


  • It is not a path of fantasy rather it is a teaching to develop your heart center, which helps you to experience love and compassion in life.


  • It is not a path of ' What to do?' and ' What not to do?' rather it is a path to live energy, bliss, love, peace, knowledge and equanimity unconditionally in life.


  • It is not a path of 'Doing' or attaining or becoming something rather it is a path of being, knowing and living.


  • It is not to give people powers and abilities that they didn't have before, but to reveal to them the powers and abilities that they already have lying hidden within them, unnoticed and unused, perhaps for half a lifetime.












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