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Life Rocks with NIRA 


Looking at the title, most of the readers will feel that this guy is crazy. In these bad times of bomb blasts, US financial giants collapsing, Equity markets going

down on daily bais but real estate prices going up, he has guts to say that "Life Rocks".

And best of all this is just not a statement but a reality I smile and my life rocks.


I never knew I had this calmness within me even during bad times.

It was a discovery about myself by myself and for myself.



Flash back


It all started with a reference from a family friend when I was desperate to go to USA (sometime in early 2004) that do a 2 ARC (2 day) shibir with NIRA.

I came back all rejuvanated and relaxed. Tremendous health benefits and stress busters in the homework. (Yes, they give home work and you better do it because they will know if not done). On a serious note, it benefits a lot if you do everything which is given as homework.

I immediately got a chance to do 3 ARC (3 day) shibir which was called shibir of Diksha and Awareness. It had a huge impact on you. I got major benefit of releasing the anger and ultimately not getting the feeling of anger within myself. (Ofcourse it is impossible to never get angry, but awareness will quickly turn you away from it).


On the last day, I did not feel like going back. I wanted to be in that state of present.

After this, My going to US became very easy. But a feeling of coming back to Nira stayed with me. I came back in late 2006 and did a 2 Arc shibir again. Due to some issues, I could never become regular. The pull of the material world was just too much for me to handle. But my inclination towards true spiritualism finally took over. I became regular, slow but steady.



And now I live in "NOW AWARENESS":


I went on to do advanced Shibir with NIRA. Every shibir is different from the other. Every shibir has a theme, impact on your everday life. The minutest details of what to eat and how to eat are taught with grace and gratitude. Every shibir has follow-up session to determine the changes in your life, the betterment in your life, share experiences. This is to ensure that benefits are real world and spiritual both at the same time.

In this world, violence, stress, hardships, differences, unhealthy food has taken over everyone's life. It is very difficult for anyone to keep himself untouched and protected. However, With Nira you learn that anything difficult can be made easy. So now let me put my real experience, the change in person, his world -


a) Health -


I had sever migrane problems. I used to have atleast 1 episode (very severe one) every couple of months or sometimes more. I am non-believer in allopathy. So I tried ayurveda and Homeopathy. It couldn't be cured completely. In last 6 months, I had 2 very mild, lasting very few hours of migraine which I was able to handle and cure myself. This is just one example from me. I know many mesmerising health related experiences of my fellow sadhaks. One thing is that you are able to cure yourself and the other thing is that you live in a way that illness stays away from you. On a lighter note, there is one drawback if you are working person, your sick leaves will never be used :)


b) Nature -


"Yahan pe sab shanti shanti hain".

Although anger was not in my nature, it is difficult to keep anger away from you. Also, not being angry person does not mean that you do not get anger. Not expressing anger is different then not being angry. So the first thing that happens is that you very quickly become aware about the anger. This awareness reduces the duration of your angry state. Also, you introspect that the reasons for which you are angry are futile. Those reasons behind your anger have no meaning and are meant just to dissipate with time. But your ego blocks it, you fight it and the result is anger.


Another striking thing here realization of loving others more then yourself. The result is that you will in some way try to control thier behaviours which will result in frustation. The point here is of awareness, realization. Once you realize that you should lover yourself. It will be very minor for you to see that other person is doing something wrong. You will go upto an extent of alerting him but not become a part of it. Thus you will be within yourself. Thats what I call real victory my friends. Once this happens, things turn around. Everyone now loves you. Its very simple now you no longer see problems in them so they don't see problem in you :) All this is easier said then done. You have to do sadhna to be able to have this realization and use this realization as well.


c) Relationships -


Relationships are the hardest thing to manage. Again, I had no major conflicts in the same but still resistances are always present. Relationships automatically improve as you do sadhna. This is because you have become good. You no longer depend on anyone. You are independent.


d) Attraction -


Everyone around you will start loving you. You will become a magnet and people will like you. Not only the ones that already love you but also with whom you have differences will take care of you. The best part would be everything will happen unsaid.


e) Wealth -


Lets face it, Money is the one of the most important thing to live a good life. Once again, all the hindrances between you and money go away. Even if wealth does not get created for you, you start living wealthy. There are couple of things which will happen. One thing is that your belief system will change. Secondly, Your definition of being wealthy will change. Both the above things will happen in different way to different people, So it is impossible to provide more explanation.

So, I started living wealthy. I am sure you will ask how? I started caring for myself.

I started eating good healthy food (Health is wealth still stands true). I don't go overboard in calculation when it comes to giving or spending.

My faith has changed and I have become open to both giving and recieving. They always say "strike a balance". Above were the key changes or benefits I have put forth. This are real life experiences, rather experience of a life time.

How many of us today can say that they are happy? Happy without any dependencies, niether wife nor liquor but true self.


As a conclusion - Nira teaches true spiritualism which makes your life "Nirbhar" (no baggage), "Nirvikar" (No vikar, only vikas), "Nirvichar" (thought-free).


- H. Khona, Mumbai, India




This has indeed been a Very Happy and Blessed New Year for all of us. Yesterday's presence in the 2 day Workshop, We felt very blessed that we could begin our new year with NIRA’s guidance.

We could be in a Divine Aura and begin our Year with God’s love and energy. We have been blessed that such a precious gift and grace & blessings have been showered upon us. We pray that we are blessed with his Guidance always in our life. Our Gratitude to NIRA to architect our life so beautifully.


- V. Saini, Mumbai, India




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A spiritual journey: from chronic pain to wholeness



It started out with pain in my wrists; hand pain and wrist pain, as a dental hygienist is a bad combination. Yes!  So what is the solution? Two prominent hand surgeons in New Orleans said a wrist replacement for each hand was the only choice, and the outcome was iffy at best; lots of post-op rehab with a questionable outcome. On top of that, I was seeking an all-natural, no chemical “cure”.


That was how my journey began, searching and praying for relief, and searching for the wisdom to let me see help when it presented itself. Two years later a healer stepped into my life, a healer who knew how to guide me spiritually using NIRA Spirituality an energy healing practice which teaches enhancing the Universal Life Force Energy that is being channelized through each one of us to influence every sphere of our life not just health but also work, relationships, financial well-being, family life and more through meditation, releasing negative emotions and utilizing other ancient healing methods of the East; a healer who uses compounded medicaments and supplements from the earth, plants and sea, (he is a medical doctor trained and licensed in the US though living in Mumbai, India), and a healer who guided me psychologically/spiritually concerning all aspects of my life which pertained to my healing and over-all wellness.  Yes, this was and is a mind, body, spirit healing journey that began for me in 2007 and continues today through the help of my teacher in India.


Oh, did I mention I was taking 2400mg of Advil daily (you can imagine the condition of my GT tract at that time) just to show up for work and see patients as a hygienist? Well, six months after I began this mind, body, spirit journey I was taking no pain relievers at all….nada! That’s over eight years without pain relievers and no wrist replacements. I’m a happy girl!


M. Gordon, TN, USA