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Other brief yet significant activities that support, complete and fill in the gaps between the major courses are:



Sparsh (Sameepta): A time for 'Touch Up'. Stolen moments of wisdom with the Master, for further guidance.



Assistant Sparsh: This is a question and answer session with the Course Representative for clarifying doubts regarding techniques etc .



Drashti (Satsang, Sadachar):  Live evening Satsang with the master, an opportunity for refreshing and brushing up oneself.



Nirahar: The Art of Satwik cooking. A way to healthy eating and hence balanced living.



Swadhyaya: time for 'Self study ' involving reading books, listening to  cassettes, meditating, etc. on one's own but within the premises of the alliance.



Forum: This supporting course is part of the field work training organization. Participated by the Management Representatives, Course Representatives, Assistant Course Representatives and Assistants.



Open Mind:  An open mind session, is a bridge of open communication between the CR, Assistants and the Management, where grievances, feed back sessions and follow up responses are neutrally shared.



Feed Back Follow Up Sessions:  For maintaining of continuity after the basic or other higher level courses.



Positive Mind: Sharing positive views, expression and amplifying their good deeds, character and quality showing positivity of the team or group you are working with.


Old Students Repeaters Arc (Sadhak Swayam Shibir - "Self-Shivir"): 'Repeat' is a word derived from the Latin ' re-petre ' where 're' is 'again' and 'petre' is ' to seek ' i.e. 'to seek again'.



Sangeet Sandhya: Meditation doesn't come easy. That's where 'kirtan' - an ancient participatory music experience - offers an avenue to escape effortlessly to a place of mental quiet and stillness, where you can feel your soul!






This is a 'Self Study Seminar' for old Sadhaks, so as to help one go deeper into the same techniques of meditation, which are performed in the usual seminars. Repetition and continuity are the keys to success.


Why OR-ARC?  


Attending a seminar for the first time one grasps only the theoretical aspect i.e. gathering 'Information'. Then on repeating he moves on to developing his feeling center i.e. experiencing by training one's subconscious mind through 'Interrogation' with self. Practice gains ground faster in the collective.  


Special Features of OR-ARC:


In this seminar the discourses are replaced by more of meditations and group sharing.

The importance of technique for self-study is highlighted in this seminar.

While sharing in a group all the sadhaks benefit by listening to how one person has solved day to day issues by applying the laws of religion to them. Multiminds together create a 'new mind'.

Until one learns to turn within to understand one's problems, initially an outer help or tool e.g. a group is helpful for self study.

Partner healing and group healing are examples of beginning study from 'other-self ' to ' one-self ' and finally to 'non-self '.

One gains a new vision, while gaining wisdom as well.

The C.R. has a very passive role here. Just monitoring, preventing chaos and guiding them.

The Techniques include: 2 Active Meditations (Nirbhar), 3 Passive Meditations (Nirvikar), 2 Neutral  meditations (Nirvikar), and Circle Group Sharing.



Goal Settings And Target Actions VIP  Courses For Executives:


Time Management

Stress Management

Creative Thinking

Spiritual Target Activity Marketing



Health Special Camps:



Blood Pressure

Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Hyper Tensions

Grow Taller

Kaya Kalp

0 Gravity Sadhana



Kundalini and Chakras:


Healing Chakras


Chakra Breathing






  • Self-Healing,

  • Self-Control,

  • Self-Discipline,

  • Self-Knowledge,

  • Self-Inquiry,

  • Self-Investigation,

  • Self-Realization,

  • Self-Awareness,

  • Self-Remembering,

  • Self-Confidence,

  • Self-Purification,

  • Self-Development.

  • Cosmic Shiva Dhyana,

  • Centering Twin heart,

  • Relativity,

  • Recurrence,

  • No-Mind,

  • E. S. P.,

  • Yoga Nidra,

  • Trance-Dance,

  • Antarpreksha,

  • Age-Reversing,

  • Yogic Breathing,

  • Hollow-Bamboo,

  • Vritti Sanskshep,

  • Chidakasha Vidya,

  • Chhaya Upasana,

  • So-Ham Sadhana,

  • Hands on Healing,

  • Absentee Healing,

  • Vigyan Bhairav Tantra,

  • Kundalini Nada Brahma

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