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We are healers and NOT doctors. All healing for physical ailments is complementary to any prescribed treatment by authorized medical doctors. Any medical treatment should be followed as directed and not be disrupted by Prayer Healing session with us.



Our role


The healing that we give is not based on any personal wish or judgement neither from our side nor from the patients'. It is based solely on what God gives each individual. Therefore we give no prognoses, guarantees or promises for cure. We work in silence with regards to the healing with detachment from the outcome.



Healing is a process


Many diseases build up over years or over a lifetime. Therefore healing of disease may take some time and a number of healing sessions may be needed. Also healing may require persistence and necessary changes in the life of the patients.



Practical info


When you come to us for Prayer Healing for any of your issues - physical, mental, spiritual, financial, social, etc. allow yourself plenty of time to arrive so you are not stressed. It is important to allow yourself time to spend about 20 minutes in meditation or silence after the healing. In that way the healing energies can work on you and are not wasted through speaking or rushing out of the door. Know that the divine energies will continue to work on you long after you leave our premises.



Distant Healing


If you cannot come to us for prayer healing you can apply for distant healing. We work with a number of people abroad via phone or internet. Regardless of where you are located in the world we can send you our powerful prayer healing vibrations.



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