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We hold frequent basic entrance semi residential courses (every fortnight on weekdays or weekends) for general public in public or private premises. These 2 to3 day seminars and 5 to 7 to 10 day serious long residential seminars are devoid of any course fees and are run solely on donations offered by those who have done this course previously and been benefited. These are held in Mumbai or out-of-town to realize our goals. For this a generous donation of halls, as well as food, so far has been a great help. During the seminar morning break-fast, cleansing drink, afternoon Lunch and evening supper or take away "prasad" are also provided to the participants. Special gifts are distributed during the 'Sanskar' seminar designed specially for children.


The multiversity encompasses various activities of short semi-residential and serious long residential powerful transformative basic, advance and intensive courses E.g. Yoga Practices, Healing therapies, Meditation camps, Memory Power Workshops, Mind control trainings, Occult, Vajra Kundalini Jagaran Sahaj and Hatha Kriyas, Tantra Alchemy, Protection shield methods, Energy Meridians, Emotion Release processes, Prayer and healing crusade, Intensive Mind Purifying exercises, Energy Boosting Clickings, Sharing and Confession sessions, True Relaxation Techniques, Communication and expression skills development seminars. Transcendental Regression and Progression methods, Transactional Analysis, Encounter Techniques, Group Discussions, Charka Bhedan and Shodhan Vigyan, Self-Remembering strategies, Alternative Health remedies, Thought - Defilements - Sanskar Refining and Purifying Treatment, Elemental Psychic Surgery Tools, Mental Transgression Antivirus Mind wares, self help Hints and tips, Conscious Awareness programs for Health Management, Wealth Management, Emotional management, Stress Management, Time Management, Energy Management and Sex management, Life Education for mastering Living Arts, Developing Life skills, Enhancing Life scope, Upgrading Life styles and spiritual upliftmen, studying Mind, Matter and Universe inter-relations, phenomenon and their mutual influence to human life.


  • Action plan for Energy Enhancement.

  • Action plan for Personality Development.

  • Action plan for Stress Reduction.

  • Action plan for Intention Manifestation.

  • Action plan for Healthy Living schedules.

  • Action plan for Holy higher food

  • Core Empowerment And Enlightenment study circles and conferences.

  • Self-reflection, control, realization and discipline, Spirit Motivational discourses series.

  • Sadhana, Seva, Satsang, Swadhyay, Sambodhi and Samadhi projects are taken up.


It is our goal to teach individuals how to end the pain of depression, grief, sorrow, fear, anxiety, guilt, anger and so many other painful emotions, and then how to get their life back to the way they want it.


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