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NIRA's other social and humanitarian projects involve:

1. Collecting clothes and other life essentials from donors and providing them to the needy.


2. Organizing HEALTH CAMPS from time to time for those who cannot afford medical care. This project also promotes the importance of right living, right diet, and exercise. These health camps have benefitted thousands of individuals from all age groups over the past 15 years.


3. Feeding the homeless and poor under the RAM ROTI initiative


4. Special Health Camps for children.


5. Having Birthday celebration for children from poor families and slums .


6. Providing the farmers in our network with improved and good quality seeds for agriculture. Under this scheme hundreds of farmers have been distributed bags of quality & certified seeds for  sowing.


It is NIRA"s mission:


- To provide spiritual and scientific guidance to farmers.


- To make them aware about depression and suicides as hateful practice, and to energize them with new hope in life.


- To liberate them from the evils of dowry-system, child marriage, animal-sacrifice and illiteracy.


7.  Providing the basic needs of economically poor, the handicapped and destitute and making them independent through right work placements.




Under this project it is NIRA's intention to create awareness amongst people about the harmful chemicals used in modern-day commercial personal care products and cosmetics. To provide healthier options NIRA took the initiative to research and create natural, herbal, truly organic personal care products and cosmetics that are safe and harmless even for the most sensitive skin. Besides that these products are not animal tested and are eco-friendly.


All the natural raw materials are procured from their authentic sources and thus this project provides a means of livelihood to farmers and tribesmen and women in remote, underserved regions of the country who are instrumental in finding and bringing these materials to us. The manufacture of these products is assigned to small-scale industries and small-time businesses in villages thereby providing a boost to the local economy.

summer skin care


The YOUNG FOREVER products are unique in that they are customized and tailor-made for each person based on body type, lifestyle and individual needs.

To make an appointment for consultation with one of our experts please call: 9833553343