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"NIRA" is an abbreviation of Neo Independent Reiki Alliance and has a special and subtle meaning according to Hindu theology which signifies the highest state of consciousness, meaning "To live in the world but be not of it."






Neo is a Greek word derived from 'Neos', which means new, recent, modern or living now. But it has a special meaning within itself i.e. A state beyond New and Old. Neo is a word, which signifies neither New nor Old but a transgression point of both and even beyond the two.






From the very beginning of childhood, a man is somehow dependent on others for his desires, needs and necessities. But by and by as he grows his desires and necessities also grow and he starts being more and more dependent on others and that is how the so-called world begins. A so-called man has become so dependent that he himself can't even think of living independently and create something without the help of others. He becomes used to living with "others". This dependency as a habit, deteriorates one's whole life. Thus the term "independent" has a very significant meaning if we split the word i.e. "in-dependent" i.e. one should be dependent within one's own self.


Independent, means to be neutral, unbiased and self-willed. But man has somehow become habitual to either depend on others or making others dependent on him. In both cases he is somehow connected with emotions, which disables the functioning capacity of his own perception. Thus to be self-dependent or independent, one has to be free from the grip of emotions in order to acquire a stable perception.


A so-called human life is totally dependent and accidental. No one knows, what is going to happen next. One does not know one's own future and where one is moving. One is totally surrounded by unknowns and is living with fear, being forwarded by different shocks. To be independent means not to be depend on external forces and accidents. Thus living life with free will and according to one's own designed destiny.


According to the alliance it also has another meaning that it is a new "Independent" adventure and research in the field of mysticism, esotorism and spiritualism. As it is not connected to or following any so-called guru, religion, tradition, culture or sector.






The word Reiki should be understood properly otherwise most of the time we misinterpret it as some magical, mysterious, spiritual or divine power. Some people misinterpret it as traditions, rules, rituals, moralities or practicing austerities. But the essence has been concealed or has disappeared.

Reiki is a Japanese term which is a synthesis of two words i.e. "rei" and "ki", where "rei" is universal life and "ki" is energy meaning "Universal life force energy".






Alliance is a new English term derived from an Old French word "Alliance",

which is divided in two parts i.e. "Ally" and "Ance" means a group of people who unite for a special objective and are committed and interested in the same goal under a special kind of environment and facility. Thus Nira multiversity relates to all those from different dimensions, sectors, traditions, religion, culture, and society and all types of people who are in search of self-awareness, evolution, transformation and final Enlightenment.


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