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Institute Of Training Arts (IOTA) is a school for learning many supporting subjects to the Art Of Living Courses. Such aspects, skills and arts are dedicatedly dealt in small theoretical sessions, experimenting workshops, training programs with practical guidance and field awareness with real life application. These arts are very helpful in day to day living. Thus this education is essential for every human who is really interested in architecting or designing his life. These courses help develop life skills, enhance life scope, and upgrade life style.


Nira is an institute of mind training and life arts. It is an advanced science of the Universal redefined, re-mixed, relative religion and human psychology for raising human consciousness of 21st century. It is a Multiversity for transforming the human mind by aid of latest research in mental technology and Computerminology. Nira is a way to ultimate Freedom and Flexibility as it enfolds the entire world, sects, traditions and different psychologies within it.  



Why one needs to attend Nira seminars?


  • Do you ever seek or feel the need for freedom in your relationships?

  • Do you ever seek or feel the need for harmony in your friendship?

  • Do you ever seek or feel the need for peace in your friendship?

  • Do you ever seek or feel the need for Bliss, Energy, Wisdom, Love, Flexibility, and Creativity in your life?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you need to attend NIRA's tranformative workshops, where you will learn:


 1.  The art of Healing

 2.  The art of Absentee Healing

 3.  The art of Living

 4.  The art of Balancing

 5.  The art of Relating

 6.  The art of Manifesting

 7.  The art of Memorizing

 8.  The art of Catharsizing

 9.  The art of Confessing

 10. The art of Cooking or Nirāhar

 11. The art of Self- Remembering

 12. The art of Contemplating

 13. The art of Meditating

 14. The art of Crystallization

 15. The art of Parenting or Nurturing

 16. The art of Expressing or Communicating

 17. The art of Regressing

 18. The art of Occultism

 19. The art of Dying


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