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NIRA has been working with local youth since 1997. The focus has been on education of disadvantaged youth. It was our aim to do something worthwhile for the education of the underprivileged. NIRA started providing interest-free loans to disadvantaged families so their children could study and even pursue higher education.

It has been a joy to see many teenagers joining college and several of them getting a job. A small seed we planted many years ago is sprouting. If we have touched so many lives it was with the help and support of hundreds of our volunteers.

This initiative is designed to give youngsters the opportunities to improve their language skills, focus on developing their confidence, accuracy and fluency in situations related to potential fields of employment.
This social initiative has brought together youth who were in need of finances and tutoring and those who could contribute time towards teaching them or helping them financially. The learners belonged to different backgrounds. Some were children of leprosy sufferers, and their parents were originally beggars. They therefore lacked the encouragement to perform well at school or college. Some belonged to a lower middle-class background. Some were already working at the same time as attending the classes. There were women in their mid or late twenties who had very limited awareness of their employment options, possibly due to social restrictions they face.



Every year NIRA organizes a special shibir for Youth.

Yuvasanskar is Nira Multiversity’s very unique and special workshop for youngsters between age 15 - 20 years. Yuvasanskar is a complete twoday semi-residential course for Youth Empowerment mastering living arts, developing life skills, enhancing life scope and upgrading life styles. This workshop promotes the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of the youngsters helping them to grow up into self-confident mature adults.

Yuvasanksar is designed to gently guide young minds in the ancient Indian traditions of yoga, healing and meditation.

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