NIRA’s Initiatives for Women are dedicated to impacting the lives of women disadvantaged by social or economic circumstances. NIRA works with socially excluded women all over the country where circumstances have devastated lives and communities. Each woman we serve has her own tragic story. Most have endured a struggle for survival.

The Initiative enables women to enhance and develop their quality of life and become architects of their future by presenting opportunities for spiritual, educational, and economic transformation. The Initiative is committed to empowering women, thereby strengthening families and transforming communities.

The Initiative is a vehicle to empower women in disadvantaged circumstances to overcome systemic obstacles and to realize greater self-sufficiency and wholeness through acknowledgment and utilization of dormant, yet, innate, God-given strengths. It provides high-potential, low-income women with the training, funding and ongoing support to start their own businesses and become financially self sufficient. The women who go through our program significantly increase their income and assets while launching businesses, creating jobs and stimulating the local economy. They come to understand their rights and how to fight for those rights in their homes, their communities and their nations. They learn how to become leaders.

This initiative was founded on the premise that:

1. When we empower single head-of-household women, we strengthen the family.

2. When we strengthen the family, we facilitate and improve opportunities for their children. Thereby:

3. Empowering women, strengthening the family and improving opportunities for children are catalysts for
positively impacting the future of the community.