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NIRA organizes a number of different workshops and seminars from basic to advanced level, each designed with a specific goal in mind. Our various seminars and workshops are geared towards teaching practical, vital and necessary life skills for that age group or social group. These activities highly support Physical - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual balance and total well-being scientifically by combining "ancient wisdom and modern technology" for today's modern world, uplifting human consciousness and bringing harmony, peace, unity, trust, happiness, Joy, love, self control, discipline, and devotion among the people.




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Benefits of these workshops include relaxation, stress-relief, mind and body purification, faster and wiser decision-making, Stress & Time Management, better Life Arts and Living skills, Food awareness, etc.  


During our workshops one-on-one guidance is provided to all participants on how to live their daily life and deal with day to day challenges. Each one is guided in the right direction to bring out their unique hidden potential and talents. For e.g how to perform better at what they do in daily life, how to relate with grandchildren, how to build stronger healthier relationships, etc.




NIRA’s Manthan workshop for older people is a unique experience. It is designed keeping in mind the older generation that has different level of comprehension, different values, skills and their own unique set of problems. This workshop instills a sense of dignity in the older folks and gently makes them aware of their own hidden strengths, skills and potential. It gives a new meaning to their life and makes them feel younger and useful.  The nutritional and emotional needs of the elderly are different compared to youngsters. This powerful workshop provides useful guidelines for healthy living and healthy eating to stay energetic at an advanced age. Thus, this carefully designed workshop is bound to make every participant feel younger, happier, contented and more balanced in life.

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Apart from this NIRA also takes the initiative to vist homes for the aged (vridhdhashrams) and care for those neglected elderly persons whose family has abandoned them. This gives the forlorn, depressed elderly persons something to look forward to and cheers them up. This involves taking fruits, magazines and other gifts for them that they will enjoy, spending time with them, helping them pay the living costs at the Center, etc.