NIRA has been working with local youth and children since 1997. The focus has been on education of disadvantaged youth and children. It was our aim to do something worthwhile for the education of the underprivileged. NIRA started providing interest-free loans to disadvantaged families so their children could study and even pursue higher education.

It has been a joy to see many children joining college and several of them getting a job. A small seed we planted many years ago is sprouting. If we have touched so many lives it was with the help and support of hundreds of our volunteers.

lots of children studying


Students are quite confused about selecting a particular field because today there are many options available for making a successful career. Students often fail to understand which field to choose according to their interest area. This is where an able and knowledgeable guide comes into picture. S/he is the one who helps them right from the first step in their career and stays with them throughout the process. Needless to say, right career choice is very important today as students have to face a cut throat competition.

Career counselling shows you the way to achieve your career goal and it is a vital part in any student's career path. It gives updated information to the students about courses, institutes/colleges, job trends and career opportunities. Many times it is seen that students have potential and knowledge but because they don't get the proper counselling then they couldn't make up their career. MASTER MIND counselors provide career counselling to students for choosing the right course, right college and bright career. It provides a complete academic guidance in selection of career, course and institute in India.


MASTER MIND counsellors first understand student's academic background and then they provide suitable academic guidance. If students have confusion in selecting a course, they are carefully guided by the counselor. On the basis of the interest, skills and inclination, the counsellor gives further suggestions to the students. Not only in the beginning, but MASTER MIND's expert counsellors guide the students every step of the way.

For career counselling students can call +91-9967369063.


Every child deserves to grow up in a family, with love, respect & security. NIRA is committed to the care of children in need and to strengthening families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against abandonment and social neglect. The aim & objective of NIRA is to help parentless, abandoned and homeless children by giving them a family, home and a strong foundation for an independent and secure life.

These disadvantaged children are also given complete medical intervention and vaccinations as and when it becomes necessary.



Every year NIRA organizes a special shibir for children.

Balsanskar is Nira Multiversity’s very unique and special workshop for children ages 5-15 years. Balsanskar is a complete one day course for mastering living arts, developing life skills, enhancing life scope and upgrading life styles. Balsanskar is based on inculcating the sacred ancient Indian tradition, values and culture in young minds. This workshop promotes the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of children.

Balsanksar is designed to gently guide young minds in the ancient Indian traditions of yoga, healing and meditation. In Balsanskar, all the aspects of one's personality are developed utilizing an integrated curriculum that empowers the child to know oneself and develop the confidence and empathy to utilize knowledge for serving the society.

Special gift bags are given to the children filled with variety of goodies such as snacks, stationery and toys.



From time to time NIRA organizes free food camps to provide hot nutritious meals to children from poor families. The joy on those little faces after getting a fresh hearty meal is worth a million bucks!