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Life is a Modern English term derived from Middle English term "lif" or "lyf" and from the base of Anglo Saxon "lifan". Thus the word life is a cognate form of live plus  lyf = Life, where 'live' means, "to dwell", "to exist" or "to remain" and 'lyf' means "things existing collectively".

Life is a measurement unit to measure memories or memories lived or experienced. It is a continues process of consciousness, living existing phenomenon of different fragments in defined specific time and the whole span time of this fragmentary moments, cognized and experienced by the integrated mind. It is just a memory remained within one’s sub conscious mind and the conscious mind is busy dwelling within those memories which exists only in either Past or in Future but never in present. It is a journey traveled in a specific time and can be divided into two types Viz.: 1) Goal oriented journey or feedback loop, 2) Living oriented journey or open loop.






Living is a continues being or experiencing phenomena instead of having or holding any memory conditionally. It is an unconditional way to live or to process memories by being in the present moment and not dwelling in the past and future.

Science is such a wonderful art or tool, which makes any world (inner or outer) luxurious and beautiful. Today modern material science has developed to such an extent that we have build number of technologies to make human life easier, comfortable and luxurious but still it is found that people are in stress, suffering, tension, anguishes and discontent. Does it not show that we are lacking some where? Certainly yes, we are lacking in the education of the science of the inner world i.e. Religion or Conscience.


As now we know that there are two parts of human existence i.e. body and mind, there are two type of sciences developed i.e. Science of the inner world and Science of the outer world. Science of the outer world means the material world. We only know "The art of surviving" none of us know "The art of living" i.e. How to live life? To live means to experience or to feel hence living means to experience continuously. Thus one has to learn the art "to open" or one has to develop one's own "feeling center" to experience life in its totality to complete fulfillment.

This art to live life is called Meditation i.e. living any media in Action, as it develops the feeling center i.e. "the Heart center". For instance everyone knows "How to earn money?"  or "How to have money?" but no one knows "How to live money?" Thus meditation is the art of experiencing satisfaction as it increases confidence and clarity about life and its nature, within oneself.  






The so-called human life can be divided into three basic modes according to three types of mind i.e. Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious, Viz.:



1) The Art of Surviving (Seeking, Accumulating or Having)


Surviving is a Modern English term derived from the Latin 'supervivere' where super means "to be a degree beyond the normal or exceeding or transcending" and vivere means "to live or to come alive through."


These are the group of extreme extroverts, who live superficially with the Head center. To survive means to live life like an animal. The word 'anima' is a French word meaning "breath". The animal spends his whole life in seeking food, collecting food, digesting food and removing food. Food is the only life for a so-called animal. Man is also living the same kind of life similar to the animal. As he is more conscious than animal so he not only takes physical food but also mental food. Mentally he seeks memories or data, he wants to think, he dwells in past and future Thus he eats more than an animal.


Surviving means to collect the data for future living. It means 'to have' or 'to hold' and the yardstick measuring the best surviving human is how much he is holding. It is in numbers, it is quantitative. These holdings are the data or collection of memories acquired through many sources. Its like one person is creating an artificial well by digging a pit and borrowing water from the others well pouring it into his pit-like artificial well. One keeps on borrowing or acquiring knowledge, power, wisdom, energy, bliss, relations and much more objectively or quantitatively. These are the group who always lives in hope or in the future and hence they do not feel contented or satisfied, as future never exists.


At a certain stage this art of surviving becomes a habit or mechanical. They are like a blind-folded bull that is madly running around, dictated by the need and urge of his desires. Here survival becomes a habit pattern of his life and he hangs up within this closed loop vicious cycle of only holdings. In this process they just pass through various stations but can never experience those moments. They tend to forget that they have to move further i.e. into the world of experiencing and living all that they have hoarded or have held so far. Then comes the time when the machine begins to realize that they have everything but yet there is nothing. This is the beginning of the journey of the Art of Living i.e. the right way to experiencing, living and feeling phenomenon.



2) The Art of Living (Being or living)


These are the group of neither introvert nor too extrovert kinds. They are in between. They start their journey from Brahmacharya to Grihastha Ashram. The art of living start from learning through acquiring knowledge of certain training of mind, memory exercise and discipline programs. So it would be more true to say the ‘Heart of living’ as they live with feeling center or heart center. They acquire all possible knowledge to live life beautifully or satisfactorily through theory, self-study and practical experiences. They end up their journey by applying those teachings in life and try to come out successfully.


The art of living is an unconditional way of living. They live without any pre-conceived ideas, beliefs and prejudices. They never talk about the future, rather they live in present i.e. here and now without waiting for future. They believe in living things and not having. They do not earn only in objective means rather they also earn in subjective means. They live everything all that  one needs to get satisfied i.e. health, money, relationships, work, and the peer group, childishness, youthfulness, sex, maturity, attention, love, respect, fame, recognition, power, wisdom, creativity, presentation, communication, bliss, energy, peace, will, time, forgetfulness, and self-remembering. Thus they live a life of quality and not the quantity.



3) The Art of Dying (Ceasing or Dying)





Dying is a process i.e. death in action where death is a Modern English term meaning 'the end of one's life' or 'to lose life' or 'losing hope'. Thus it is a ceasing experience of a process i.e. ceasing of fragmental memories. The word Death can be split as De plus Earth = Dearth and hence Death where "d" means departure or de means 'down' and earth means "the ground". Thus the word Death is a universal phenomenon meaning 'returning to the ground'.




These are the group of extreme introverts seeking and searching final solution through self-dissolution. They live their life with the navel center. They start from Vanprastha and end their journey to Sanyastha Ashram. The Art of Dying starts from the art of "true being" i.e. to be is more than enough. Soon they end up their journey through realization that there is no need even to do or there is nothing to seek or to desire. It is the final and the ending part of the Sanyas life. At this stage one realizes that doing is a barrier, is the very root cause of misery for discontentment. They realize that time and memory is the virus or the barrier towards the final liberation or enlightenment, so they enter into timelessness. By and by as they realize the truth of their own selves, life and universe, they drop the feeling even to be, to exist or the lust to live also. Thus they even transcend the polarity of introvert and extrovert at the end of their journey.

There comes a

moment when a quantum leap occurs and they transcend time, thus they enter into timelessness. Now they go beyond the old imprisoned memories, desires, needs and all else through Self-dissolution. This state of non-being is known as Nirvana.


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