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One often wonders how to get their foot into this outstanding Spiritual Multiversity. Here are some guidelines to help you get started:


1. Study our website carefully and try to understand what is NIRA Multiversity and what we do.


2. Call one of the numbers on our "Contact" page and meet with one of our representatives or Acharyas for a one on one discussion to get a better understanding of  NIRA's system and  working pattern. At this stage you may ask any questions you may have and get a clear picture of what is in store ahead.


3. Once you are thorough with the theory, you may register for any one of the Entry Level Courses. You may choose any of the Entry Level courses depending on your mind-set and how much time you are willing to invest. The different entry level courses are multiple doorways to gain entry into NIRA Multiversity. But the advanced courses from thereon are same and common for all.


4. Upon completion of an Entry Level Course attend a 2 ARC workshop which is the first in our series of advanced workshops for mind-body cleansing and spiritual awakening.


5. Next in line are various advanced courses in which you will learn advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques, mind tools, life-transforming tools and mind exercises.


Advanced projects and homework is assigned to you in each workshop. You are required to apply in life what you learned during the workshop. Followups are held few weeks or months after the workshop to determine progress and changes in life. Your representative will assess you progress. Once he/she is satisfied that you have understood the course, are applying the teachings in your life and have successfully developed the qualities that the workshop was meant for, he/she will promote you to the next course. Only carefully selected sadhaks (spiritual aspirants) are promoted to the higher levels if satisfactory positive changes are seen in their life.


NIRA offers over 200 courses to enhance and transform every aspect of life to attain health, peace, happiness and prosperity. All our courses run parallel with life.


Once you begin to get the idea, the terminology, concepts, methodology and way of working of NIRA, your Acharyas (teachers) will take you into deeper, more intensive levels of meditation in subsequent advanced courses.
















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