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  • Universal Doctrine, Laws & Legislature

  • God's Judiciary System & Testament

  • Logos - Teritium Organum – Third Cannon Of Thought

  • Higher Logic – Art Of Thinking Three


  • Fourth Dimensionality & Relativity

  • Law Of Attraction

  • Life Sciences

  • Material Science & Spiritual Science

  • Conscience - Science Of Soul

  • Human Behavioural Science

  • Human Psychology

  • Human Applied Sciences

  • Science Of Success Or Victory

  • Secrets To Happy Living

NIRA is a multiversity for teaching Conscience i.e. science of soul, Where "Conscience" is a special term derived from two words i.e. Consciousness and Science, meaning "Science of consciousness".


NIRA provides special training and understanding of living every basic aspect of life i.e. Survival, Social and Spiritual (Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksh).


NIRA's Curriculum Includes:

  • Understanding Natural Sciences

  • Mind – Matter – Universe Interaction &


  • Energy Enhancement

  • Self Empowerment Training

  • Spiritual Nutritional Guidance

  • Life Transforming Tools

  • Astrology Directions

  • Human Inner Engineering

  • Self - Inquiry Meditations

  • Positive Mind Programming

  • Healing Of Strained Relationships

        & Mutual Grievances

  • Enlightenment Intensive Workshops

  • Mind Control Training

  • Conscious Awareness Programs

  • Emotional Well-being Skills

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