What is Art of NIRA Living

The human life is not made to live like an animal. The animal spends his whole life seeking food, collecting food, digesting food and removing food. Food is the only life for a so-called animal. Man is also living a life similar to that of an animal. As he is more conscious than the animal so he not only takes physical food but also mental food. Mentally he seeks memories or accumulated data, he wants to think, he dwells in past and future.

Human being is like an animal until he/she is polished or finished. He is like an uncut diamond. Only when he is polished will he shine brightly. So we as humans live like animals from the time we are born. We are human but we approach life using the basic animal psyche. All aspects of our “mind” are not working to their fullest potential. When we become open, initiated and polished, then we start putting all things together. Then one does not live fractions and fractals of time. One learns how to live time in it’s wholeness.

The quality of life depends on the format, the karma. Hence we need to learn the art of how to live life. If you do not know the art of living life, you are just existing, passing the time, not living or using the time. Time has to be designed and lived fully, so that the purpose of this human life is served and you are set free for enlightenment to the final resolution, evolution or liberation. The human machine does not deliver its fullest potential because you are not using the right format. You are not initiated, you do not have the imprint, how this human life should be lived. The typical human being is confused why everything is against him. Why God is not with him. Why does he have to beg, pray and ask for fulfill every little desire. Why does he have to put in so much effort to achieve the smallest thing. This is due to the format. That is called karma.

The monitor (mind) you have been given is not meant to see others’ programs, it is provided so that you can design everything you want on the computer and you can see your own design, your perception, your ideas for the future. It is meant to see your creation. Not to see others’ creation or production. It is not to be used as a TV screen for entertainment. It is to see your creation how it will look like in the future. But we use this monitor as a TV, not serving its purpose.

Format can be explained as such. Say if you want to share an image through a mobile app, you convert a 5MB file to 200Kb. If you want to take a print you will take it at the maximum resolution. Similarly, you can store a song in 10 MB, 1MB or even 500KB files. Depends on the format e.g. MP3, CD quality, .wav etc.

Or say you want to travel from India to USA. The time of travel will depend on the mode of transportation you choose. If you go by car it will take the longest time, by train a little faster, by ship even faster, and by aircraft the time will be drastically reduced. So the destination, direction and goal is the same, but time is reduced. This is because of the higher format. Similarly in life what you will achieve and in how much time frame and when, depends on the format, the technology. In worldly sense, we humans have become advanced and modern only on the material plane. Technology has advanced on the intellectual level not spiritual. Spiritually we are still applying age old formats of the 10th century. Now it is required that we move with the times and apply new formats, new vehicles for spiritual growth, so we can get what we want in life easily and quickly. NIRA way of living is about choosing the right format, right tool, right center of being. It is about unlocking higher energies, unlocking your inner potential and tapping into the deeper centers of yourself. It is about adding your core being to everything you do that will change everything in your life. That is called NIRA way of living.

For. e.g If you make a wonderful gourmet recipe, but leave out the salt. How will it taste? Similarly in our life recipe we strive to add all the wonderful ingredients such as – educational degrees, car, house, power, prestige, money, but we miss the Divine Essence, which is the salt of life. Without adding the Divine Essence everything seems like dirt, everything seems futile. Now say you have relatively simple food, but add the right quantity of salt to it, you will feel satisfied with that meal. Which would you choose – a rich 6 course meal without salt or simple food with salt? Thus adding the salt, adding the Divine Essence to your Life, is the Art of NIRA living.