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Invest just 4 hours of your time on a weekend and reap the enormous benefits of prayer healing. Designed for the beginner this light, entry level course is focused on tapping into the tremendous power of prayer and is sure to leave you feeling positive, energetic, confident and blessed.





This 2-day weekend course will change your life and your lifestyle. Learn "Hands on Healing" and cure any disease. Freedom from mental and physical illness, stress, worries, old unwanted habits, doubts and duality. Leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Experience a HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND AND HEALTHY SOUL.



Happy Living: 


You cannot miss this 1 or 2 day weekend workshop if you want to live a bondage-free, balanced, contented, peaceful, purposeful and prosperous life. No theory, no discussions, rather practical action to transform your stagnant, saturated life into a vibrant happy journey filled with celebration, energy, peace and health.





A single day semi residential children's seminar devoted to initializing their journey of life. As the saying goes 'what one sows, one reaps' so one should be aware while seeding to reap the fruit in the future. Thus it is better to 'catch them young'. So initiating them on to this path of Truth at a tender age moulds them easily.

Eligibility - Children between the age of 8 and 15 yrs.





A two Day semi residential Youth Empowerment Seminar. Health and Healing Workshop featuring yoga, meditation, smart memory techniques, emotion release processes and mind control training.

Eligibility - Adolescents age 15 yrs and above.






Exclusive course designed for senior citizens. Deals with the unique problems of aging individuals such as fear, depresion, tension, dissatisfaction, laziness, loneliness, emotional attachments, stress, anxiety etc.





Exclusive course for women. It imparts the art of relating, art of cooking, art of parenting, self-expression, self-control, confidence and the art of living a harmonious and independent life. An honest attempt at saving feminity, saving creativity and thus saving humanity as a whole.





Exclusive course for corporate, professionals, e.g. employee, businessman, manager, director or advisor. Focuses on stress-busting techniques, health, time and self management, unleashing creativity, efficiency, integrity, leadership qualities, expression, communication and observation skills. Increased work capacity, motivation, quick decision-making, goal setting and mental programming.






Aahar-sanskar Shibir. Satvik Holy Food for the Soul.  Food awareness training. This unique one-of-a-kind workshop teaches how to make the right food choices to suit your body type, age, lifestyle, habitat, season and other factors.






A 2 day energy workshop for healthy body, prana, mind & spirit. Tired of popping pills daily to control and suppress your health problems? Now you can heal any acute or chronic disease by addressing the mental, emotional and astral cause of the problem.







A 2 day weekend workshop for complete freedom from all types of stress, worries, tensions, anxiety, insecurities and depression. Easy practical solutions for stress release and & management and strength training.







Lazy Yoga is about REST, RELAXATION, RECHARGING & REJUVENATION without effort, exercise, exhaustion or exertion.







Just as a raindrop fallen in Swati nakshtra turns into a pearl when it lands in an oyster shell, turns into camphor when it lands on a banana leaf, and turns into poison when it falls in the mouth of a snake, so does a person acquire the traits of the company he keeps.











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Various entry level courses in NIRA are thoughtfully designed to cater to different mind-sets and groups of people. You may choose the one you are most comfortable with depending on how much time you can invest. Alternately you may choose to participate in any upcoming entry level workshop. body text here ...

Astha_THY Healing Camp hands on healing

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BalSanskar English

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Jeevan Lakshya Eng 2011_Business & corporate Counsealing

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