NIRA is ceaselessly engaged in raising and restoring Social as well as Spiritual human values, life awareness, energy and potentially encourages people from all backgrounds, religions, age, sex, sect, caste, creed, country, cultural traditions and groups from all over the world to come together in spreading health, harmony, healing and happiness with celebration and service throughout the organic planet earth for its betterment and bright future.


 To live life fully and freely is an art, requiring skill, intuition, creativity, and knowledge. Thus by conducting various social, cultural and spiritual activities, innovative programs, we bring these values to our society by strengthening the individual, relating to education, health and sustainable development and conflict resolution awareness by open general camps.

These programs eliminate stress, purify mind, ground and release negative emotions which release stress and toxins at the physical, mental and emotional level, and the programs in turn bring true relaxation, peace of mind, enthusiasm and energy.


We believe that by transforming and balancing individual consciousness we can transform the whole collective human race consciousness to build mutual trust, create a sense of belonging and lasting peace.


Such activities uplift human consciousness and bring harmony, peace, unity, trust, happiness, Joy, love, Self control, discipline, and devotion among the people, for the noble cause of humanity, confirming the fact that physical soundness depends upon Mental soundness, this in turn on Spiritual soundness.

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Please donate and support NIRA's selfless humanitarian efforts in raising human consciousness

Monetarily speaking NIRA runs all courses solely on donative basis i.e. No profit no loss basis. Time is our exchange of energy. We charge time. In this way all courses are supported by those who have been benefitted and transformed by attending the respective seminars. Such donations are the sole source of funds for the Alliance. This is further utilized to organize the various courses and their facilities.


Importance Of Nobel Offering: Why We Do Not Charge Money


The reason is simple. It is well known that whatever is costly in terms of money is cheaper terms of time and vice versa. Thus larger the price, smaller the size and larger the size smaller the price. So you can only buy, pay and possess smaller, insignificant things and not valuable ones because they are always shared and offered.


One can use money to buy worldly things but one can't buy living beings. Just as money is a media for energy exchange in the outer material world similarly, time is the media for energy exchange in the inner world. Money is a tool with which one can attain facility but not fulfillment. We are so habituated to get everything by means of money. But Dhamma is one of those precious and costliest jewels among them, which can not be bargained at such simple means of energy exchange. Because, if one is giving time, indirectly one is giving one's own self. One has to give up one's laziness, one has to take effort and interest by involving oneself fully into it.

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