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Our Mode of payment is Energy Vs Energy


Time is our exchange of energy. We charge time.  Monetarily speaking we run all our courses solely on donative basis i.e. No profit no loss basis. In this way all courses are supported by those who have been benefitted and transformed by attending the respective seminars. Such donations are the sole source of funds for the Alliance. This is further utilized to organize the various courses and their facilities.




Importance Of Noble Offering: Why We Do Not Charge Money?


The reason is simple. As is well known- whatever is costly in terms of money is cheaper in terms of time and vice versa. Thus larger the price, smaller the size and larger the size smaller the price. So you can only buy, pay and posses smaller things and not the valuable ones because they are always shared and offered.


Remember one can use money to buy worldly things but one can't buy living beings. Just as money is a media for energy exchange in the outer material world similarly, time is the media for energy exchange in the inner world. Money is a tool with which one can attain facility but not fulfillment. To Know "about God" and to "live God" are two entirely different things. It is possible that you may accumulate all religious material e.g. books or audio-video cassettes of knowledge which talk about spirituality or about God but you may not have a single glimpse of living God or be living a real religious life.


We are so habituated to get everything by means of money. But Dhamma is one of those precious and costliest jewels among them, which can not be bargained at such simple means of energy exchange. Because, if one is giving time, indirectly one is giving one's own self. One has to give up one's laziness, one has to take effort and interest by involving oneself fully into it. One has to put aside one's ideas, self concepts, beliefs, identities and ego, one has to surrender one's self, one has to put aside all one's important work, programs, schedule, relations, luxuries, comforts and entertainment.


Thus it is clearly seen that to give money is far easier than to give one's time because one can offer Donation and not Devotion through the media of money. Devotion is the most important factor that matters while learning or acquiring this kind of higher knowledge.

We know that we develop an impure egoistic atmosphere of sex and violence ( i.e. karta - bhokta bhav ) for earning material means to satisfy all our lusts, desires and dreams at any cost by breaking all laws and committing various sins against society, nature and universe, which in turn creates unnatural imbalance and disharmony in our mind and makes it wavery and fluctuating.


So when one intends to participate in such type of sacred activity, one needs to cut off from all sins, sex and violent activity which disturbs peace and purity of mind. Only then one can earn spiritual subtler energy through a pure non egoistic ( i.e. Sakshi Bhav ) atmosphere of silence, stillness, solitude for salvation where he can realize his wrong deeds, actions and direction by practicing  true  Discipline, Dedication and Devotion. Gradually one starts knowing and obeying universal, natural and social laws, which in turn bless him with unlimited energy, wisdom, bliss, love, light, health, healing and harmony.


Now as you know grosser things are to be exchanged by grosser media or grosser means where as subtler things has to be exchanged by subtler means or media, if we compare money vs time, money is grosser and time is subtler.  Similarly Trust, Truth, Tolerance, Transcendence, Peace, Penance and Perseverance, are such things which can be only achieved through subtler means of energy i.e. by offering self less or ego less service, sacrifice, sharing, sanity, and salvation .


Thus to support this kind of sacred activity one has to give his personal time by taking personal involvement in direction of practicing Non - Violence.


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