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This Course can be even further customized to suit specific company needs. After a consultation with your company, a detailed course plan will be developed that includes the following elements:



  • Creative ways to boost your success focus - regardless of your daily work.


  • Real ways to immediately reduce stress in your life.


  • Tools to rapidly expand your personal power.


  • Powerful strategies to release you from self-defeating thinking.


  • Proven techniques to accelerate your limitless brainpower.


  • Direction to use your emotional strengths and overcome fear.


  • Guilt elimination in a new and energizing way.


  • Overcoming Procrastinating tendencies.


  • Guidance for expanding your intuition, creativity and energy.


  • Proactive approaches to manifest your dreams and enable new prosperity.


  • Easily learnt tension-releasing physical stretches and exercises


  • Natural principles of effective living which eliminate counter productive activity and enhance leadership ability


  • Guided interactive processes


  • Revitalizing Healing relaxation meditation techniques that increases energy level and deeply recharges the body and mind.


  • Powerful Mind cleansing dynamic Purification technology


  • Advance universal Healing Energisation which purifies and rejuvenates while balancing body and mind through the elimination of toxins at a deep cellular level.


  • Body Sculpting: Figure correction program.


  • Building Esteem in Others


  • Stress Endurance training.


  • Partner stretching yoga.


  • Body Mind Flexibility.


  • Self and guided Meditation.


  • Accelerates Mind power - developing a winning attitude and increasing your mental focus and clarity.


  • Self-Coaching - for self-empowerment and resourcefulness in the workplace


  • Developing a Limitless Thinking mindset to be more creative and intuitive


  • Strength Building - learning to focus on assets rather than liabilities


  • Energy Management - how to choose your energy for greater accomplishment


  • Overcoming internal blocks, barrier & releasing patterns that pulls you down.


  • Discover untapped energy and creative resource


  • Masterminding techniques to envision, develop and attain your goals.


  • Strength Building programming i.e. learning to cultivate strengths, and focus on assets rather than liabilities.


  • Identify the difference between toxic and non-toxic stress and learn to use stress as an ally.


  • Harness the power of crises, anxiety and fear and learn to push through them


  • Activate Self-Coaching Skills that provide a person with immediate support, solutions and confidence in stressful situations.


  • Accelerate ability to identify and diffuse stressful situations with others.

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