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Being a basic, initial and light course of Nira Multiversity it excludes all big philosophical talks while practical values are paid more importance. Significance is laid more on relaxation and purification of the body and mind. The main aim of this course is to strengthen the basic foundation for the future tower of spirituality.


This course focuses intensively on the three major steps of spirituality i.e. Preparation, Purification  and Perfection. Thus in the beginning one needs to begin with the first basic step of preparing oneself theoretically by collecting and gathering necessary required material information from different media and sources e.g. Audio-Video-Live discourses (Satsanga), reading books (Scriptures, Vedas, Puranas) etc. Then one enters into the second advanced step, of purification i.e. experimenting the collected ideas practically through various processes, methods and cleansing techniques. Finally in the third step one achieves perfection by applying it in one's living.


As goes the saying "Prevention is better than cure", one has to gradually increase one's level of awareness so as not to repeat the same mistake again. The process of meditation cuts the past impurities while the empowerment advance training of awareness develops precautions to prevent it from multiplying further. Hence the essence of this seminar is Healing, Relaxation and Meditation i.e. 'Swasthata' and 'Sajagta'.


This course offers flexibility, hence no strict rules and regulation, rituals or do's and don'ts are required to be carried out after the completion of the course.


Thus attending the course with all instructions as per Nira rules and regulations is more than sufficient to recieve all benefits. As it is technically so well designed that its impact lasts forever. It can even be conjoined with the other courses running parallel, around the world without changing their essence because the teachings are like water which can further turn or mould in any form, format, size and shape.


Thus it is that kind of an anti virus universal software which can be independently run or programmed in any system easily to work without.












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