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Every one seeks peace and harmony. Arc is a very powerful transformative course, which is not just based on healing and relaxation but also on the teachings of religion and depths of spiritualism. So those who are really committed and dedicated to themselves in the search of Truth, Freedom and Enlightenment are only eligible.


Meditation can be learnt and practised by anybody without distinction of caste, colour, country and creed. There is no communal or theological basis, nor does it insist on any particular theological belief.


Thus being a "Family Course" any type of personality from any cultural background, sect, tradition, religion, age group, profession or sex, e.g. young, old, male, female, children (above 7 years and below 14 years.), students (above 14 years below 18 years), house wives, business men, employees, executives, politicians, doctors, lawyers, spiritual activators, Dharmagurus, sanyasis, traditional masters and teachers are all eligible.




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