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Results observed  in the student's daily life after completing this powerful seminar are :



Health:  Freedom from any physical, mental, psychosomatic, acute or chronic diseases. Increase in stamina, efficiency, vitality,  immunity and ability by elimination of stress toxins, relaxation, regeneration of nervous tissue, greater sense of  awareness and enthusiasm.



Social:  Freedom from vices, addictions and conflicts. Harmonious  healthy and mature  relationships. Prosperity, financial freedom and abundance. Change in outlook and attitude.



Spiritual: Purification and cleansing of Body, Prana, Mind and soul. Self-transformation and realization. Peace, bliss, love, wisdom, creativity, meditation, intuition, satisfaction, liberation from ignorance, doubts, duality, deep rooted impressions and unwanted old habits. Control of desires, senses, emotions and thoughts.



Children:  Implanting teachings (Sanskar) of the sacred Indian tradition, religion and culture which opens the heart center. Develops  Intuition, freedom from inferiority, increased creativity, concentration, smart memory, unfolding latent potentialities,  mind control , self-reliance and  courage.



Youngsters:    Confidence, contemplation, independence, flexibility, discipline, initiative, leadership, personality development, public speaking, self-expression and self-responsibility.



Parents:    Art of balancing, art of parenting, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, generosity, developing the heart center, energy and warmth. Fulfilment and intimacy in relations.



Women:      Freedom from psychological phobias, fears, anger, guilt, traumas, laziness, thoughts, tensions, worries, impurities, suppressions, depressions, past imprisons, shackles and identifications. Liberation from any physical and mental disorders, emotional attachments and  defilements.



Senior Citizens:      Age reversing, revitalization, rejuvenation. Freedom from Stress, anxiety,  loneliness, insomnia and fatigue.  



Professionals:      Stress, health, time and self management,  unleashing creativity, efficiency, integrity, leadership qualities, expression,  communication and observation  skills. Increased work capacity, motivation, quick decision making, goal setting and mental programing.



Miscellaneous:     One learns "Nira Art of Living" which helps him to live an unconditional, harmonious, positive, balanced, relaxed, purposeful, fruitful, successful and confident life.  

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