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The best ideas have emerged from silence. Creativity, innovation, leadership and vision - all these qualities flourish when man is emptied of his own habits and patterns. Meditation is nothing but the art of freeing a man so that he is motivated, creative and energized. It is about bringing him to a state of mind where he can think in new ways, deal with the pressures of work, respond to challenges effectively and stay calm through it all.




# To Calm Mind, Improve Health and physical fitness.

# To Accelerate Healing process From Within.

# To Activate Stress reduction and management.

# To Stimulate Relaxation of Mind to work & deal under High Pressure situation and stay calm through it all.

# To Develop focus and concentration for sharp transparent memory.

# To Build Concrete confidence to defeat market Competition.

# To Boost unstoppable motivation, Energy, Enthusiasm & Creativity.

# To Overcome fear & resistance to accept new or change.

# To Open for new Team building and interpersonal relationships.

# To Enhancing power of Spontaneous Decision-making respond to challenges effectively.

# To develop sense of responsibility Awareness, Belongingness & Commitment to achieve targets with the winning spirit.

# To unlock the door to unlimited human potential.




This course differs from most management and employee development programs because it is not based on quick-fix solutions, theoretical concepts or superficial success formulas - but rather on practical techniques that offer direct and tangible results. The course also incorporates basic principles for effective living; emphasizing essential human values that help individuals lead more fulfilling and productive lives.


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