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Awareness Reiki Camp (ARC):


ARC is a short form of the first basic peripheral course of Nira multiversity i.e. Awareness Reiki Meditation Camp.


"Arc" is a Modern English term, which means periphery, a part of the circumference of a circle. This seminar of ARC is about knowing the outer periphery of the essential teachings of Dhamma, a basic or peripheral Knowledge for a true seeker of Dhamma to begin his journey on the path of self-realization. Arc also means a first step towards preparing your bow to hit your final goal. We can aim at it, only when we have a clear goal in our mind.


It is the micro module of all seminars of Nira multiversity containing the core essence of Nirbhar, Nirvikar and Nirvichar. It is based on the first book from the holy collection Nirveda called "The Book of Religion".













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