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Aatma: A single day semi residential open general camp.



Aastha: A two day semi residential camp for body, mind and soul faith healing, sparsh chikitsa and relaxation.



ARM: Art of manifesting anything anywhere. The seminar for all things related to "manifestation" - the practice  of intentionally attracting people, events, things, and conditions into your physical experience.



Diksha: A three day semi residential course for initiation into spiritual life for mind purification, developing self-awareness, art of living and advanced emotion healing.



Drishti Chikitsa: Absentee healing. A three day semi residential course for developing psychic abilities, powers with "hands off distant healing."



Dhyanyoga: A seven day semi residential open general public camp.



Aantardrishti Yoga: A seven day residential intense meditation camp.


The Art of Turning Within’, one understands the true significance of religious activities such as samayik and ensures that they are undertaken with the goal of self-realisation. ‘The Stages of the Inward Journey’ explains how a seeker progresses, shrugging off the dependency of being reactive and turning inwards. ‘Awareness for Enlightenment’ unravels the essence of dharma, that is, practising awareness. This practise may start with a small step of mindfulness, but quickly it takes the seeker into the realms of non-doing leading to ‘The Witnessing Consciousness’, which extols the elevated state of an Enlightened Being who has gone beyond the mind.



Nirayoga (The relative art of yoga): 7 Day Semi Residential camp to Learn the ancient System of Yoga in a new redesigned way, in it's upgraded version based on Nirveda.



Kundalini Kriya Yoga: The Removal of energy blockages from the 7 Chakras and higher spiritual chakras



Scar: "Art of relating" - removal of energy blockages and mastery over negative emotions



The E. S. P. workshop: Past life regression meditation workshop.



Za-zen:  This residential workshop teaches the traditional technique of Vippassana as given by Buddha.



ARM:  A 7 day residential empowering training to alter mind frequency. "Art of manifesting anything anywhere." This powerful seminar is for all things related to "manifestation" - the practice of intentionally magnetizing your desires, attracting your dreams, opportunities, people, events, things and create a life of happiness, success and luxury and conditions into your physical experience.



AIR: A 9 day silent training for equanimity of mind.



Dart: A 21 day serious long residential training for dream awareness, realization, observation and purification.



RET: 42 days serious long residential enlightenment intensive training. Astrology post training.



Fiesta: A nira festival, it is a semi residential course for prolonging techniques of active, passive and neutral meditations. The duration varies from 7 to 21 days. Various activities like book reading, cassette listening, various meditations and the coming together and sharing of sadhaks is simultaneously carried out.

Eligibility - 2 ARC and i-card.



Care (sabadh, savardhan): "Art of parenting". Children awareness reiki education camp is a seminar exclusively for parents teaching them the art of parenting i.e. nurturing. Parents being the first 'guru' of a child, play a very important role in shaping their little minds. It educates them about the art of parenting, about how a harmony of love and discipline makes all the difference that is needed in nurturing children.  

Eligibility - 2 ARC, 3 ARC, necessary viva and PIT.



ART: Acting and reacting training is a creative and playful seminar, which helps us recall and relive those past events of our life which have left an impact on our minds and are preventing us from living in the present moment during playing the role of the drama. this while aiding catharsis helps us release and realize our beliefs, self-concepts, identities and the bondage in our lives. in short it nullifies emotions.

Eligibility - 2 ARC, 3 ARC, ARM, RAS, RID, necessary viva and PIT.


ABET: Assistants Blab Extemporize Training is a training, discourses and commentries given by TTC Students on Nirveda and teachings of Nira Multiversity.

Eligibility - Potential CR, necessary viva and PIT.



Advaita: The seminar on man and woman relationship. The course teaches hidden scientific essence with experiments that 'they are nothing but a reflection of one another'.

The purpose of this seminar is to educate participants on some of the key differences that exist between Man and Woman, and how they can come into harmony, to awaken and strengthen the 'Woman in the Women' and 'Man in the Men'. To enable them to appreciate the opposite sex more, to provide a base of knowledge and methods for further work on male and female issues, and to help them to have more fulfilling relationship with the men and women in their life now and in the future.

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